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Gabrielle Chamberlain

British, English, American Actress. Professional Makeup Artist.                                

Denver, Colorado, US base - travels!

Not all actors wait tables between jobs! I am a professional, published Makeup Artist, and being a Pro MUA alone is so much fun but I also have my Event Oxygen Bar business! If you hop about my website you will see how I spend my time. I am English, I grew up and was educated between the UK and US. I have been performing since I skated in view of British and Russian Olympic Figure Skating Coaches. I was 5, zipping, twirling and smiling to get a spot on the British Olympic Figure Skating Development Squad - I made it! At age 7 I emigrated to the US where my skater's balance transferred to ski racing, and my showing off happened at Telluride Young People's Theatre and Rock n' Roll Academy. After high school I attended the Theatre Program at Colorado State University, I later trained in London as a Makeup Artist, and continue my Actor training with Howard Fine Acting Studio LA. I have a good life and I am grateful.

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Gabrielle Chamberlain - Actor

Recent Head Shots

Professional edited and unedited head shots by Photographer Aaron Lucy at Denver Head Shots

Actor Training

Telluride Young People's Theatre

Colorado State University

Howard Fine Acting Studio LA

Script Analysis

Audition for Film & TV

Acting for the Camera

Voice & Speech

Cold Reading Class

Affiliation Non Union

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Trained Actor

Singer | Alto, Mezzo Soprano

Instrument | Bass Guitar | Beginner

Skiing | Advanced

Figure Skating | Intermediate

Rock Climbing | Intermediate

Horseback Riding | Beginner

Sailing | Paddle Board | Intermediate

Weapons | Archery | Hand Gun |Beginner

Sports | Track |Triple Jump | THS CO ‘States’

Cheerleader | Elementary |Middle / HS School

Professional Published Makeup Artist

  Credits: DowntownMAG NY, Disney+ for Mary McCartney, Telluride Film Festival. David Yarrow.


British - English - Nottinghamshire native

English Regional dialects




American - Colorado