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Gabrielle Kym Chamberlain

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Age 22 | August 2000 | Range 18-30 

British Born | American | Dual Citizen | UK/US Bases

Caucasian | No Tattoos | No Piercing   

DNA Result | 99% British/European | 1% Asian

Eyes | Hazel | Strong Brows

Hair | Long | Volume | Brown Hi/Lo Mix | No Dye

Height | 5ft 9" | 176cm

Weight | 125 lbs | 57 kg   

US Size | Dress 2-6 | Shoe 8 - 8.5 

UK Size | Dress 6-10 | Shoe 6 - 6.5                                   

Actress Profile

Comedy is my go to!

I also do fierce ... 

I love watching old black and white films with my Nanna (have to say films as my Nanna and I are British). On Camera LA Acting Coach Marilyn McIntyre said; quote 'you are an intelligent actress'!, 'Thank you'! I am smart but I scraped through high school because I was watching Netflix and not handing in assignments. I love script analysis and find memorizing lengthy sides easy, but I work at it. My favorite kid show was 'Hannah Montana', tween show 'High School Musical', movies 'Cats and Dogs' and 'Lemonade Mouth', teen show 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Friends', and I feel like I have been watching 'Gray's Anatomy' since I was born, literally! I love anything 'Madea', Tyler Perry, Marvel, Zendaya and Tom. A friend boy once said, 'I've never had a girl rap for me before' - that was me, I rap, and I am working on my alto singing. Fame - I am working and training to achieve my acting career goals, but my effort isn't to become a celebrity!  I mean, I love acting, I would love it to provide me with a stable financial life, but as Lisa Kudrow said 'I am famous but I am not a celebrity' - EXACTLY!  Fun fact alongside being a mountain athlete, I am the 'game night queen' and I have the staying power for Monopoly, I have quite a collection, every time a new one comes out someone buys it for me.

Professionally Trained and Always Training.

Email | or  Instagram | @actorgabby

 Actor Training

I first stepped on stage at Newark Palace Theatre UKGB at my first ballet recital aged 3, I had to be led off. I started my musical theatre training with Telluride Young Peoples Theater between ages 8-18, here you see me graduate as the lead in Mary Poppins. I attended Colorado State University's Theatre program, and I now continue with top LA acting coaches. My resume is full of acting skills development, I am trained and always training!

Actor Skills

I have been throwing down, mastering new sports, pounding ice, snow and mountains since I was a baby, look at me, I am 5, on the UKGB NIC British Olympic Development Figure Skating Squad! And that day I was taking a medal home!   I was a Tomboy who grew into an Action Girl!  Living between the UK and UK my accents are varied and my Actor Resume is packed with performing talents and physical skills.

Not Waiting Tables

Scott Barnes is my Makeup Mentor. I trained with Scott in LA soon after graduating. I am now a published Makeup Artist.  After Theatre Training at CSU, I graduated from the London School of Makeup UK, with International Certificates in Makeup Artistry.  I love Pro MUA work, I love Film/Photo/TV Set life, it aligns perfectly with my acting career goals, plus I am artistic. I also own an oxygen events bar, it all funds acting, singling classes, skills training and audition travel.