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G a b r I e l l e !

When not providing Makeup Services or Acting ...

I am climbing, skiing, hiking, just messing about in Colorado!

Hello, and thank you for taking time to visit my website. I am British, English, and a Naturalized US Citizen, I moved to Telluride aged 7. I have been lucky enough to grow up enjoying my family between Telluride and England. I have been around cosmetics a long time as my mom owned spas long before I was born. Growing up in Telluride has allowed me to experience everything there is to do in the Mountains. Depending on the season I skate, ski, hike, climb and mess about on local water. As a dual UK/US Citizen I have experienced life on both continents, I was in UK Catholic Primary School before moving to Telluride, and as a teen I attended UK Secondary School for a year. I finished my K12 Education in Telluride, from there attended Colorado State University, but during the 2020 lockdown college was hard, my musical theatre classes were in disarray, so I took some time to think about what I wanted in life and where I want to live. I am now based in Denver. It's a good life and I am grateful.